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September 14, 2012 – Cloud Cap Announces the tight 1.2(deg) FOV TASE400D High Performance Dual Daylight Camera System

TASE400D High Performance Dual Daylight Camera SystemCloud Cap Technology announces the production release of the TASE400D, Cloud Cap's most advanced daylight imaging micro-gimbal. It has a high performance dual daylight payload system based on advanced inertial stabilization technology developed in the TASE400. The 'D' series was designed to provide close and long-range daylight surveillance imaging for manned and unmanned applications.

The TASE 400D includes a GPS/INS engine and full software and hardware compatibility with the day night TASE400 for "bolt on and go" swappable operation. The payload configuration includes a Sony 36x zoom camera system for viewing down to 1.2° as well as direct drive brushless motors that offers agile, smooth and steady video collection.

The TASE400D also includes as standard, onboard video processing that adds video stabilization, object tracking, and Geo-location capabilities. Video from dual daylight cameras can be switched on board or viewed simultaneously. Communications are compatible with existing TASE options, simplifying updates from applications with other Cloud Cap gimbals and the open communication specification allows customer developed and third party application development. Cloud Cap's ViewPoint application provides full featured control, video/telemetry recording, and playback.

August 6, 2012 - United Technologies Closes Goodrich Acquisition.

We are excited to announce that our parent company, Goodrich Corporation, was recently acquired by United Technologies (UTC). We are now part of a new division of UTC called UTC Aerospace Systems, along with all other Goodrich business segments and UTC's Hamilton Sundstrand. As UTC Aerospace Systems we now offer our customers a broad portfolio of advanced systems, products and components, from landing gear and nacelles, to electrical generation, air management systems, and of course Cloud Cap's UAV Flight Management System and stabilized camera systems.

UTC Aerospace Systems' headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Cloud Cap, a part of the ISR division, remains in Hood River, Oregon along with all of the hardworking, committed employees you've worked with in the past.

How will this acquisition affect you? Customers remain our priority. We will continue to provide our customers with unmatched technical support and market leading technologies. Our relationship with you is very important, so feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

We look forward to a bright future together.

Read the complete article…

June 11, 2012 – Cloud Cap is expanding!

With the worldwide success of our products, Cloud Cap is rapidly expanding in staff and facilities to meet the growing needs of our customer base. Cloud Cap has added a number of new people and now moved into a much larger building doubling the available floor space and greatly extending manufacturing, test, and engineering facilities. Watch this time lapse video of the new building being constructed!

May 3, 2012 – Salina airport supports Kanas State University UAS program with the Piccolo Autopilot.

The Piccolo Autopilot is the cornerstone of K-State's Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) program. The program allows students a hands-on approach for integrating, setting up and safely testing UAVs in a controlled airspace at the Salina airport. Read the complete article…

TASE400 Gimbal wins RotorcraftTop Products Award

December 9, 2011 - TASE400 Gimbal wins Top Products Award!

The TASE400 was chosen as an RPMNetwork Top Product for 2011 from form the editors of Rotorcraft magazine. Each year the editors of Rotorcraft evaluate and review dozens of products and services from their advertisers and readers in the rotorcraft market. These products, they feel, represent the "best of the best". Cloud Cap Technology is honored to be among them! For more information see the December issue of Rotorcraft Professional Magazine.


UAV Fuel Injector

UAV Fuel Injection Module

July 27, 2011 - Goodrich and Currawong Engineering Sign Joint Development and Distribution Agreement supporting advanced electronic fuel injection in UAV engines.

CHARLOTTE, NC, July 27, 2011 – Goodrich Corporation (NYSE:GR) and Currawong Engineering Pty Ltd. of Tasmania, Australia, today announced a joint distribution agreement for technology developed for small gasoline and heavy fuel UAV engines. Goodrich will become a worldwide distributor for the marketing, selling and integration of Currawong's high efficiency Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology called "SEEFIS".

The Currawong SEEFIS technology, already tightly integrated with Goodrich's industry standard Piccolo autopilot, can dramatically increase the engine reliability and fuel efficiency of today's UAVs, while simultaneously extending their range to achieve longer mission profiles. With this agreement, the combined EFI-autopilot solution will now also be supported through Goodrich's sales and support channels, greatly extending the global reach and access to Currawong's product and the combined solution in the UAV community.

"This agreement continues a long working relationship between Goodrich and Currawong," said Ken Hosking, chief operating officer of Currawong. "We have successfully co-developed technological advancements and this extends the relationship into a further important market area."

"The capability of converting gasoline engines to heavy fuel operation and integrating the engine's controller with the autopilot can dramatically increase reliability, which is a major benefit for the UAV industry," said Ross Hoag, chief engineer of Goodrich's ISR Systems team in Hood River, Oregon. "Electronic fuel injection offers substantial improvements in endurance to UAV engines allowing for more persistent ISR capability, and is in high demand."

In addition to offering component level and fully integrated EFI solutions, Goodrich will provide custom engine integration services for both U.S. and international unmanned vehicle integrators. Moreover, Goodrich is investing in the construction of an advanced engine development and calibration facility in Hood River that will continue to research advancements in this important area.

The Hood River, Oregon facility, Cloud Cap, was acquired by Goodrich in 2009 and is part of its ISR Systems business. The Hood River team specializes in UAV system components including its industry standard Piccolo autopilots and advanced TASE stabilized gimbaled camera systems. Cloud Cap products are widely used in military combat operations as well as many commercial applications worldwide.

Goodrich Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, is a global supplier of systems and services to the aerospace and defense industries. With one of the most strategically diversified portfolios of products in the industry, Goodrich serves a global customer base with significant worldwide manufacturing and service facilities. For more information visit http://www.goodrich.com.

For more information regarding fuel injection components see the complete list of Currawong fuel injection data sheets.

February 7, 2011 - TASE Family of Gimbals Get New Names

In an effort to simplify the naming structure of our family of stabilized camera gimbals, we’re making some changes.  All gimbals will now belong to a “series” which is indicative of the level of functionality of the gimbals.

Cloud Cap Technology Small Stabilzed Camera Gimbals

Gimbal Name
TASE150 Series
TASE150 w / Sony FCB-EX980S EO Camera TASE150
TASE200 Series
TASE200 w / Sony FCB-EX1020 EO Camera TASE200
TASE200 w / Sony FCB-EX1020 EO Camera & FLIR Tau 640 LWIR Camera
TASE300 Series
TASE300 w / Sony FCB-EX980S EO & FLIR Tau 640 LWIR Camera TASE300
TASE300 w / Sony FCB-EX980S EO & FLIR Tau 640 LWIR Camera / Optional Laser Range finder / IR Laser Illuminator
TASE300 w / Sony FCB-EX980S EO Camera only TASE300e
TASE400 Series
TASE400 w / Sony FCB-EX1020 / FLIR HRC MWIR Camera / Optional Laser Range finder / IR Laser Illuminator TASE400
TASE400 w / Sony FCB-EX1020 / Sony FCB-EX1020 with 1.6x Optical Magnification Element TASE400d



UAV Outback Challenge Rescue Team

December 2, 2010 – Cloud Cap Technology attends Arcturus T-20 flight demonstration.

Cloud Cap Technology was pleased to attend a flight demonstration hosted by ARCTURUS-UAV in Whidbey Island, Washington on October 19th. The Arcturus T-20 UAV completed a search and rescue mission using Cloud Cap Technology’s TASE300 gimbal after deploying a smoke marker to identify the search area. View the flight demonstration video.



November 1, 2010 - Cloud Cap Technology demonstrates real-time image fusion and mosaicing capabilities with TASE300m gimbal.

This video demonstrates real-time image fusion and mosaicing capabilities. Image fusion is the process of putting together information from various cameras (EO, IR, etc.) into a single video stream where the information is presented in a user-intuitive way.

In the first segment of the video, the SWIR source is used as a black and white background with false colors depicting thermal data from the LWIR source on a blue (cold) to red (hot) scale. The video stream is further enhanced by stitching consecutive frames into an infinite canvas (limited only by memory size in the system) to provide the user with an unlimited field of view.

In the second segment, the output from the fusion process is fed into the tracking algorithm. Several fusion algorithms are cycled through, as well as raw imagery from the three sources. The mosaicing and tracking processes are input neutral resulting in an uninterrupted mosaic-track.

Ask our about the new T2 MSI Gimbal, available Q1 2011, as well as Mosaicing software available now!

UAV Outback Challenge Rescue Team

October 20, 2010 – University of North Dakota participates in UAV Challenge – Outback Rescue in Australia with Piccolo autopilot.

Cloud Cap Technology congratulates the University of North Dakota (UND) Unmanned Aircraft Systems Engineering team for their success at the UAV Challenge – Outback Rescue in Australia. Each year, students and hobbyists from around the globe meet to compete in a mock rescue exercise using UAVs. The team from UND flew a BTE Super Hauler using a Piccolo autopilot, and was the first team in Outback history to successfully fly into the search area, find “Joe”, and drop him a bottle of water. To find out more about UAV Challenge – Outback Rescue or see the 2010 results, visit the UAV Challenge – Outback Rescue website.

UAV Challenge Outback Rescue


April 28, 2010 - Cloud Cap Technology Releases ViewPoint 2.1.2

ViewPoint, an update to Gimbal UI, is the next generation of TASE Gimbal control software. The new software offers a cleaner, simpler user interface with an array of new features, while maintaining the richness of customization previously available.

ViewPoint Small Camera Gimbal Control Software screens

New ViewPoint interface features include:

The new ViewPoint software is available for download from the Cloud Cap website.

North American Surveillance Systems now shipping STC Approved TASE Gimbal Mounts January 20, 2010 - British Army to showcase TASE100 Gimbal at Bahrain International Airshow

The TASE100 Gimbal will be demonstrated by the British Army at the Bahrain International Airshow (BIAS), January 21-23, 2010 at the Sakhir Airbase in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The demonstration will include Goodrich's intelligence exploitation system as well as its new TASE100 stabilized camera gimbal integrated onto a developmental vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

North American Surveillance Systems now shipping STC Approved TASE Gimbal Mounts January 11, 2010 – North American Surveillance Systems now shipping STC Approved TASE Gimbal Mounts.

Third Party Developer, North American Surveillance Systems (NASS), has developed a line of STC approved mounts for the TASE gimbals on the 150-206 range of Cessna aircraft. The new mounts bolt around the strut of a Cessna and utilize a dovetail mechanism for easy installation and removal of the gimbal. A novice installer can mount a gimbal to a new plane in one hour and an expert within 20 minutes. The NASS line of mounts have been used for aerial firefighting, law enforcement and pipeline inspection with many more applications on the horizon.

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