TASE ViewPoint Software

Complete control of TASE Imaging Systems

Advanced Command and Control Software. ViewPoint is a ground-based control software application that displays video and command/control for Cloud Cap Technology TASE imaging payloads. 


User Friendly Graphical Interface

  • Click map or video to autonomously point payload at specific GPS location on the ground
  • Interactive map displays location and payload sensor footprint on ground. Satellite, streets and maps, or any user supplied map supported. 
  • NTSC or PAL recording. Playback includes video, GPS time, plus payload and sensor footprint GPS locations
  • Moving Map Display
  • Moving target indicator provides easy operator identification of targets overlayed in ViewPoint window 
  • Create video file (AVI output) from recorded files
  • Supports CCT plug-ins and 3rd party plug-in architecture
  • Supports IP connection and web serving using MJPEG compression
  • Plugins:  VideoSim Plugin Provides training , demonstration, testing and development suport. Antenna Plugin Provides an integrated solution to either Piccolo Command Center (PCC) or the payload user interface (ViewPoint) for control of a third party positioner

Feature Rich Imaging Software

  • Object Tracking - The TASE payload will autonomously track selected objects such as people, cars, trucks or other objects moving in the scene based on image match within a user adjustable target box.
  • Geo-Stamp - allows the operator to designate areas of interest by simply pressing a key or touching the screen. The incident is tagged on a map, a still image is taken and the location is logged in a separate incident folder. This feature is invaluable when a still-image of an object/feature is needed for later reference. The captured still-image can then be overlaid on Google Earth.
  • PathTrack - Easily identify and follow roads, powerlines, pipelines. Autonomously points the payload toward pre-loaded GPS coordinates along a path. Path-Track auto-detects aircraft heading and picks up the path for tracking. Reduces training costs and improves productivitiy of operations.
  • Video On Map-  Live video geo-located and terrain warped over moving map. This feature greatly enhances the operators ability to identify the exact location of the object or feature the camera image is looking at.
  • Real Time Image Mosaic -  The increased information provided by mosaicing displayed in real-time on the payload interface provides a real advantage to the payload operator, showing path history and a wider situational awareness FOV when zooming in on an object. 
  • Electronic Stabilization (E-Stab) PC-based image stabilization enhances mechanical gyro stabilization
  • Scene Steering (Includes E-Stab) PC-based scene tracking centers image and corrects for vehicle airspeed

Support Documents

Restricted Documents

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  • TASE System Software Update Guide
  • Viewpoint
  • Viewpoint Users Guide
  • The antenna Plugin User Guide
  • The Tracker Plugin Users Guide
  • Creating Custom Map Overlays


  • Product Compatability
  • TASE500


  • TASE400


  • TASE400 HD


  • TASE400 LRS


  • TASE400 DXR


  • TASE400 D


  • TASE350


  • TASE310


  • TASE200


  • TASE150