Piccolo Portable Ground Station

Rugged ground station designed for flight operations in field environments

The Piccolo portable ground station is based on the same hardware that drives the airborne component of the Piccolo avionics system. The ground station is responsible for managing the wireless link to one or more Piccolo avionics, supplying differential GPS corrections, and serving as a bridge to the operator interface. The portable ground station (PGS) provides a flexible, rugged ground station option well suited for typical flight operations in field environments. The PGS is also available with an Ethernet option. 


  • Ruggedized case provides complete ground station, including storage for harnesses, antennas, etc.
  • Supports the full range of primary radio frequency options, and adds provisions for optional integration of a secondary link
  • Multiple power input options provide flexibility and an internal battery backup enables uninterrupted use during transient events
  • Provides serial payload pass through for direct communication with third-party payloads 
  • Pilot console interface can be used to manually control aircraft
  • Available Developers Kit provides all cables, harnesses and antennas required for operation
  • Can be updated to include a RTK GPS receiver for precision and moving baseline capture applications

Available with an Ethernet connectivity option to simplify integration into existing IP infrastructure:

  • PGS is discovered and configured automatically 
  • Supports DHCP, AutoIP and static IP configurations 
  • Can be upgraded to include an internal Bandit radio (requires Bandit upgrade kit)

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  • Portable Ground StationPilot Console Cable
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