Piccolo™ Nano

Compact Modular Flight Management

The Piccolo™ Nano line is the newest and smallest addition to the Cloud Cap Piccolo family of autopilot systems. Designed to meet the requirements of the smallest UAVs where the vehicle structure provides the enclosure and the autopilot components need to be distributed within the airframe’s available space.

Compatible with the existing industry standard Piccolo autopilot series in both software and feature capability.  The Piccolo Nano series provides small, lightweight, flexible architecture to support small hand launched or uniquely configured UAS systems.


  • Unenclosed distributed autopilot system to provide maximum installation flexibility and minimum weight
  • Includes avionics board, GPS with passive antenna (helical antenna option available), and radio board as a complete package. (Components available separately)
  • Dedicated connectors for JR DSM satellite receivers
  • Compatible with Piccolo line of autopilots and Piccolo Command Center software
  • Same market leading functionality* available as with other Piccolo autopilots

*Multiple versions of the Piccolo Nano are available that provide different levels of functionality


  • Fixed wing
  • Hybrid Multi-rotor
  • Helicopter
  • Multi-rotor

Support Documents

Restricted Documents

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  • Steps to Autonomous Flight - READ FIRST
  • Radio Communications Troubleshooting
  • Field Update Microhard nano Radio Firmware
  • PiccoloSystems Software Update Guide
  • Piccolo Set up guide
  • Piccolo Vehicle Integration guide
  • Piccolo Servo Gimbal Integration Guide
  • Piccolo External Interface
  • Setup and Tuning of Piccolo Control laws
  • Portable Ground Station Pilot Console Cable
  • Desktop Ground Station Pilot Console Cable
  • UHF Antenna Trim Charts
  • Piccolo Preflight Checklist
  • Flight Summary Log Sheet
  • Using Validate During Preflight
  • Piccolo Interface Cable
  • Piccolo Typical Flight Harness
  • Piccolo Nano Interface Cable
  • Avionics Cylindrical Mount Drawing
  • Piccolo Nano Generic Mount Kit Assembly Drawing
  • PCC Users Guid
  • Piccolo User's Guide Helicopter Supplement
  • Creating Custom Map Overlays
  • Antenna Plugin user's guide
  • Piccolo Simulator
  • SIL and Hil Checklists
  • Piccolo Software-in-loop Setup guide
  • Moving Recovery Net
  • NVIDIA Optimus Setting for PCC Compatibility
  • Portable Ground StationPilot Console Cable
  • UHF Antenna Trim Charts
  • Iridium Integration Guide
  • Magnetometer Integration Guide
  • NovAtel DGPS Integration Guide
  • NovAtel ALIGN GPS Integration Guide
  • OEM615 Adapter Interface Harness for DGPS FlightPak
  • Tach / Deadman Integration Guide Provides
  • AGL Sensor Data Sheet Specifications
  • OAT Sensors External interface
  • Piccolo Avionics Mount Drawing Dimensional
  • Piccolo Generic Mount Drawing
  • JR Level Shifter Board ICD


  • Mechanical
  • Dimensions

    Avionics Board 3 x1.0 x 0.43 inches  (76.17 x 45.72 x 10.90 mm)
    Radio Board 2.4 x 1.8 x 0.54 (60.96 x 45.72 x 13.77 mm)
    GPS    1.1 x 1. 03 (27.94 x 26.16 mm)

  • Weight

    1.02 oz (29g) with 900 MHz radio

  • Enclosure/Mounting


  • Environmental & Power
  • Operating Case Temperature

    -30˚C to 80˚C (calibrated range)

  • Power Requirements

    VIN: 6-30 volts
    Power: 4 W (typical including 900 MHz radio)

  • General
  • RS232 Payload Interface


  • CAN

    Simulation / General interface

  • Flight Termination

    Deadman output

  • Digital/Analog I/O

    Configurable GPIO lines

  • Software Options
  • Radio Options

    900 MHz unlicensed ISM
    900 MHz Australian band
    2.4 GHz unlicensed ISM
    310-390 MHz discrete
    1350-1390 MHz discrete


Important Export Information

The Piccolo™ Autopilots are controlled for Export Administration Regulations (EAR)15 CFR Parts 730-774. The EAR regulates the export and re-export of dual-use items.

Piccolo Autopilots are available for sale outside the United States subject to an approved export authorization. EAR violations can result in fines, penalties, debarment, and criminal sanctions. Please refer to the following websites for more information U.S. Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls and U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security Export Administration Regulations.

For the export control status of your Piccolo Autopilot, product please contact your sales representative, or 541-387-2120.

Resources and References

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