Piccolo™ Elite

Expanded Capability for Advanced Applications

Advanced sensors, powerful processing, increased memory, elevated lift with a hybrid multirotor VTOL solution.

The Piccolo™ Elite Classic (next generation Piccolo ll) autopilot provides a complete integrated avionics solution that includes the flight control processor, inertial sensors, ported air data sensors, GPS receiver and datalink radio. With over a decade in the field the Piccolo II Autopilot has become the UAS industry standard flight management system. The Piccolo ll adds functionality and flexibility for advanced UAS applications.



  • Additional I/O support (16 configurable GPIO lines) for payload intensive applications
  • Onboard inertial, air data, and GPS sensors, datalink radio, and EMI shielded enclosure
  • Supports operation of a wide variety of UAV’s in both fixed wing or VTOL configurations
  • Both Software and Hardware in the Loop (SWIL / HWIL) simulation modes for pre-flight testing
  • Plug and play support of peripherals including TASE payloads, servo based pantilt cameras, transponders,magnetometers, Iridium satcomm, RTK GPS receivers, laser altimeters and flight termination
  • Portable integrated ground station capable of managing the wireless link to multiple Piccolo avionics


  • Fixed wing
  • Hybrid multi rotor
  • Helicopter
  • Multi rotor

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  • Mechanical
  • Dimensions

    5.59 x 1.81 x 2.46 inches (142.00 x 46.00 x 62.60 mm) Unflanged

  • Weight

    7.7 oz (200 g) with 900 MHz radio

  • Enclosure/Mounting

    EMI shielded aluminium, flanged, unflanged

  • Environmental & Power
  • Operating Case Temperature

    -40˚C to 80˚C (calibrated range, no case)

  • Power Requirements

    VIN:  8 - 30 volts
    Power:  4 W (typical including 900 MHz radio)

  • General
  • RS232 Payload Interface


  • CAN

    Simulation / General interface

  • Flight Termination

    Deadman output

  • Digital/Analog I/O

    16 configurable GPIO lines. 4 GPIO lines can be configured as analog inputs, 0-5V input, 10 bit conversion

  • Integrated RF Data Link Options

    900 MHz unlicensed ISM. 900 MHz Australian band. 2.4 GHz unlicensed ISM. 310-390 MHz discrete. 1350-1390 MHz discrete. 1670-1700 MHz discrete.

  • GPS

    4 Hz uBlox module GPS receiver, 5 volt

  • Pressure Sensors

    Ported static. 15-115 KPa-ported pitot. 4 Kpa differential. 155 kts max indicated airspeed

  • Waypoint Navigation

    1000 waypoints saved in autopilot

  • Inertial Sensors

    3 axis gyroscopes, 300°/sec. 3 axis acceleration, ±8g

  • Supported Peripherals

    Transponders, secondary comms radios, Iridium SatComm, TASE gimbals, servo PTZ gimbals, magnetometers, laser altimeters, payload passthrough, RTK GPS.

  • Software Options
  • Radio Options

    900 MHz unlicensed ISM
    900 MHz Australian band
    2.4 GHz unlicensed ISM
    310-390 MHz discrete
    1350-1390 MHz discrete

  • Standard Feature Set + Peripherals

    Adds new support for pan-tilt servos, improved GPS/INS performance, and more flexibility in configuring payload ports.

  • Laser Altimeter Autoland

    Provides accurate altitude information allowing the vehicle to perform a soft flared landing (Laser altimeter hardware sold separately).

  • DGPS Autoland

    Extends the autoland performance by using 2 cm accuracy DGPS. Supports autonomous taxi, rolling take-off, stationary and moving net recovery. Uses NovAtel DGPS equipment

  • DGPS and Moving Net Recovery

    Adds support of moving net recovery needed for shipboard and other moving capture applications. Uses NovAtel DGPS equipment and associated antennas.

  • Helicopter Operations (VTOL)

    Includes take-off and landing, precision hover, and automated path following along with autopilot assisted manual steering modes.


Important Export Information

The Piccolo™ Autopilots are controlled for Export Administration Regulations (EAR)15 CFR Parts 730-774. The EAR regulates the export and re-export of dual-use items.

Piccolo Autopilots products are available for sale outside the United States subject to an approved export authorization. EAR violations can result in fines, penalties, debarment, and criminal sanctions. Please refer to the following websites for more information U.S. Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls and U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security Export Administration Regulations.

For the export control status of your Piccolo Autopilot. product please contact your sales representative, or 541-387-2120.


Resources and References

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