Piccolo Command Center (PCC) Interface Software

Features complete control of Piccolo Autopilot

Piccolo Command Center (PCC) is the user interface for the Piccolo autopilot that provides a powerful flight planning and management software solution. PCC is available in a basic feature set for simple missions and also upgradable with many advanced feature options. 


Advanced User Interface

  • Easy to define mission parameters and restrictions
  • Waypoint Insertion 
  • Context Menus for common functions
  • Route Copy between aircraft
  • Easy route planning 
  • Manage multiple aircraft on single map
  • High-performance smooth zoom 2D and 3d terrain mapping
  • Terrain database supporting DTED and SRTM
  • Integration with web mapping servers for elevation and imagery
  • Intuitive Primary Flight Display (PFD) and graphical EFIS and ability to change airspeed, altitude, and heading commands from EFIS display
  • User customizable dockable windows so displayed data can be configured per user requirements
  • Status bar provides a high-level alert interface
  • Customization options available to meet specific user needs

Powerful Flight Management Tools Include:

  • Map Terrain Warning Layer
  • Visually displays the areas on the map in yellow and/or red where the aircraft is in danger of impacting the terrain in relation to the current altitude 

Airspace Boundary

  • Allows you to draw three dimensional regions on the map interface typically used to mark boundaries in an available air space 

Geo Fence

  • Sets hard limits on where the aircraft can be commanded to go 

Support Documents

Restricted Documents

Login to access software updates and the files listed below

  • PCC Users Guide
  • Piccolo User's Guide Helicopter Supplement
  • Creating Custom Map Overlays
  • Antenna Plugin user's guide
  • Piccolo Simulator
  • SIL and Hil Checklists
  • Piccolo Software-in-loop Setup guide
  • Moving Recovery Net
  • Piccolo Command Center Datasheet
  • NVIDIA Optimus Setting for PCC Compatibility
  • Legacy Documents
  • Piccolo System Software