Piccolo Developers Kit

Complete operational start-up kit for the Piccolo Autopilot

The Piccolo Autopilot Developer's Kit provides the items needed to operate the Piccolo in a Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) bench simulation environment. HIL simulation is a cornerstone of unmanned aircraft development. Well-designed simulators allow the aircraft control laws and mission functionality to be tested without risking hardware in flight test. 


Autopilot Developers Kit Includes

  • GPS Antenna 114 inches long
  • USB to CAN Module with USB Cable
  • Piccolo to CAN Cable
  • Programming Cable
  • Futaba Pilot Console with Case
  • 900 MHz Piccolo Antenna *
  • Piccolo Interface Power Adapter Cable
  • Power Supply
  • Interface Cable (Piccolo SL & II only)
  • Piccolo System Documentation
  • MMCX-SMA-F UHF Antenna Cable (Piccolo Nano Only)
  • Interface Cable (Piccolo Nano Only)
  • Piccolo Air Data Cable (Piccolo Nano Only)

* More radio options available. The Piccolo avionics and Ground Station must be configured with the same radio

Support Documents

Restricted Documents

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  • Product Export Fact Sheet
  • Radio Communications Troubleshooting
  • Field Update Microhard nano Radio Firmware
  • Piccolo Systems Software Update Guide
  • Piccolo Set up guide
  • Piccolo Vehicle Integration guide
  • Piccolo Servo Gimbal Integration Guide
  • Piccolo External Interface
  • Setup and Tuning of Piccolo Control laws
  • Portable Ground Station Pilot Console Cable
  • UHF Antenna Trim Charts
  • Piccolo Interface Cable
  • Piccolo Typical Flight Harness
  • Piccolo SL Interface and flight harness cable
  • Piccolo Nano Interface Cable
  • UHF Antenna Trim Charts
  • Iridium Integration Guide
  • Magnetometer Integration Guide
  • NovAtel DGPS Integration Guide
  • NovAtel ALIGN GPS Integration Guide
  • OEM615 Adapter Interface Harness for DGPS FlightPak
  • Tach / Deadman Integration Guide Provides
  • AGL Sensor Data Sheet Specifications
  • OAT Sensors External interface
  • Piccolo Avionics Mount Drawing Dimensional
  • Piccolo Generic Mount Drawing
  • JR Level Shifter Board ICD
  • Legacy Documents