DGPS FlightPak

Aircraft GNSS receiver - enhances the Piccolo system navigation & supports precision flight

Piccolo autopilots support RTK carrier phase DGPS enhanced flight operations. The addition of the NovAtel RTK DGPS feature to Piccolo autopilots and ground station enables precision flight capabilities such as autonomous rolling take-offs and landings, net captures, and situations requiring precision meta data (i.e., mapping with a gimbal mounted camera).

The DGPS FlightPak from Cloud Cap Technology is an integrated unit that contains the dual-frequency NovAtel OEM615 DGPS and provides a robust case, power regulation, and antenna/communication connections for easy integration into a multitude of airframes.


  • Enhances Piccolo system navigation, supports precision flight capabilities such as moving baseline capture

  • High degree of accuracy, typically 1-2 cm in the X-Y plane and 2-4 cm in elevation

  • Two units can easily be combined to generate precise positioning and heading information using the NovAtel ALIGN3 firmware

  • Small and lightweight, simple to integrate

  • Compatible with all Piccolo autopilots

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