TASE Operator Training

TASE Imaging System Training courses consist of classroom sessions and training stations with full video simulation environments. Other options include real-time flight training with the TASE Imaging System at our facility. This hands-on course gives the student practical experience with the actual hardware and subsystems to give the real feel of gimbal operation. Upon completing the training with our highly skilled instructors, participants will be empowered to: 

  • Operate an EO/IR gimbal utilizing Viewpoint software
  • Interpret infrared imagery
  • Manipulate & improve the image through camera controls
  • Operate various gimbal modes for tracking objects & stationary structures
  • Integrate the moving map into gimbal operation

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Piccolo Operator Training

Accelerate your time to unmanned success through the Piccolo Autopilot Training Course. The core curriculum includes a full Piccolo Command Center (PCC) three-day overview course, which utilizes the PCC user interface software to help students obtain and understand the basics of operating a Piccolo Autopilot through a variety of flight simulations. Upon completing the training with our highly-skilled instructors, participants will be empowered to:

  • Operate Piccolo Command Cener (PCC) software
  • Set up aircraft configuration and preflight data
  • Create waypoints, boundaries and flight plans
  • Establish emergency procedures
  • Operate an aircraft by utilizing flight simulation software

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