We at Cloud Cap Technology are excited to circulate the below video. The UAV Factory is now offering an integration course for the Penguin B UAV platform. This brief video explains the benefits of leveraging a Penguin platform and integration course to expand your business ideas.

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“We have been working with the UAV Factory for over 10 years to offer a flexible, high-performance option to customers who want to create a UAV program quickly and efficiently.” says Greg Davis, Business Development Director at Cloud Cap Technology.

WATCH Penguin B UAV Integrator Training Course

This world-class four day integration course for the Penguin B UAV platform. This video will take you step by step through the integration process, covering the key areas that will help you obtain a full turnkey solution and help you expand on your business ideas. “The UAV was specially engineered as a platform, what that means is all you need to do is integrate the payload, datalink and autopilot and you’re ready to fly” says Rory Bauer, Sales Director at UAV Factory.

Purchasing the Penguin B and doing the integration yourself gives you the freedom to reconfigure the aircraft to your specific project needs and expand on your business ideas. More than a turnkey solution, the Penguin B platform gives you the flexibility to much more and at a price that is far less

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