The SkyRunner MK3.2 is the first FAA certified, Light-Sport aircraft to support DoD and CSAR missions. As the battle space continues to expand, new and innovative solutions are needed to solve complex tactical challenges. SkyRunner combines both ground and air solutions to go almost anywhere and is customizable for multiple mission sets.

SkyRunner selected the Collins TASE400 BLK ll and TASE400 LD STANAG 3733 imaging sensors. The TASE family of systems was selected because it is battle proven, highly reliable, and provides high performance EO/IR in one of the lowest Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) systems on the market.  TASE sensors utilize High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), H.265 compression providing faster data transfer and better image quality. The ability to provide real-time high quality imagery is absolutely critical to defeating adversaries.

Autonomous flight is needed to enable SkyRunner to effectively support key future operational mission profiles. The Collins Piccolo flight management system has been selected as the ideal solution to fully automate the SkyRunner. Piccolo will provide navigation with GPS/INS accuracy and support a broad suite of complex missions where a quick response and sustaining operations are needed.

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