Griffon is a designer, manufacturer, and operator of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs). They have delivered over 3,600 UAVs unmanned air vehicles to the Department of Defense customers through multiple prime contracts. Griffon's 100,000 sq ft facility in Madison, Alabama supports the engineering, production, and flight operations for all its customers. In 2004, Griffon qualified the Cloud Cap Technology Piccolo autopilot system for the Outlaw family of UAVs in support of its U.S. Army prime contract.

Since then they have reliably operated Piccolo controlled MQM-170A Outlaws and MQM-171 BroadSwords worldwide for the U.S. and numerous foreign militaries. As their customer base has grown, so has their utilization of the broad capabilities within the Piccolo system.

Griffon, as a cost-effective provider of UAS flight services, now routinely flies long range missions via satellite link, provides video ISR data, and carries payloads many times the value of the Outlaw aircraft. All made possible by the affordable capabilities of the Piccolo flight management system.

Little did Griffon imagine back in 2004 that their relationship with CCT would grow to over ten years, and include hundreds of autopilots. As the Griffon family of products and services has grown to include second generation Outlaw and the MQM-170C Outlaw G2 aircraft, CCT has grown with them. Griffon is a market leader in offering the most UAS capability/dollar in the 100-250 lb class of UAVs. Likewise, CCT offers the best autopilot  [Griffon Aerospace] family of systems in its size and price class. Griffon's successful use of CCT products have allowed a healthy business growth into UAS services market that they never would have dreamed of back in 2004.