Image Above: Seen here in Mexican Federal Police colors, this Hydra Technologies G1 Guerrero UAV is one of several Mexican-designed and manufactured types presently in service with the Mexican Air Force for surveillance duties.


We at UTC Aerospace Systems are excited to circulate the below article discussing the growth of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in Mexican Defense.

Mexican Defense Industry - The Private Initiative
By Erwan de Cherisey

The UAV industry in Mexico has expanded in the past ten years. While several companies are now developing and producing unmanned surveillance aircraft, only Hydra Technologies has successfully achieved full series production and commercialization of its different systems.

The first customer for Hydra’s designs was the Mexican Federal Police, which received S4 Ehécatl, E1 Gavilán and G1 Guerrero from 2008 onwards. While SEMAR initially showed interest for the S4, whose operating costs were found to be much lesser than foreign competing designs, the Mexican Navy eventually opted to develop its own UAV family before turning to US manufacturer Arcturus.

The Mexican Air Force is operating an undisclosed number of S4 systems as well as its larger derivative, the S45 Bálaam, which offers a 12 hours endurance compared to the S4’s eight hours and can receive a heavier payload. While Hydra has tried developing its own payloads, its UAVs have mostly been sold with UTC Aerospace Systems TASE series EO/IR gimbal imaging systems.