TASE™ Imaging Systems have over 500,000 operational hours and are a leading source of real time intelligence to the warfighter and first responders. Our payloads collect full motion video utilizing multiple sensors in support of intelligence operations. These systems provide solutions to complex tactical situations through the use of high definition and unique imaging solutions. When size, weight and power are priorities, TASE Imaging Systems is the leader in creating sound solutions in demanding environments.

As part of Collins Aerospace, we can leverage the legacy of high tech, high quality manufacturing. United Technologies has over 50 years of experience in designing, building and testing exceptionally high quality optics and electro-optical systems. And it is a global supplier of systems and services to aerospace, defense, and homeland security markets.

Our Piccolo™ Flight Management System is the industry standard and flying on more types of aircraft than any other autopilot. It provides a complete solution in autopilot, navigation, flight management, and ground control offering the highest performance available.


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TASE™ Stabilized Camera Systems

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