UAV Reconnaissance

Only Collins Aerospace offers you high-clarity imaging and precision UAV flight control that works together with a seamless system solution – so your data-capture capability can always go where you need it most.

For the last 20 years, the Piccolo Autopilot has been the industry standard and flying on more types of unmanned aircraft than any other autopilot. Collins Aerospace introduces the Piccolo Elite Flight Management Systems Family: the next generation of hardware and software for UAS.

Elite offers hardware-independent software, improved sensor quality, reliability, and drastically increasing onboard storage. Piccolo Elite allows precisions navigation with GPS/INS accuracy and support for complex mission requirements and multiple launch and recovery modes; including runway, fixed rail, catapult, multi-rotor, independent lift/tthrust, fixed-wing VTOL, common launch tub, and net capture. Piccolo Elite advances the Piccolo System Family well into the future. 

TASE Imaging Systems

TASE Imaging Systems have over 500,000 operational hours and are a leading source of real-time intelligence to the warfighter and first responders. TASE systems collect full motion video utilizing multiple sensors in support of intelligence operations. TASE stabilized camera payloads offer one of the lowest SWaP+C (Size, Weight and Power and low cost) systems makingTASE imaging payloads the best value for the Tier I (21-55 lbs./ 9.5-25kg) and Tier II (55-1320 lbs./ 25-598kg) UAS market. Lighter-weight systems with minimal power requirements translate to increased useful load, endurance, and overall mission performance.


The TASE Block II is the next generation of hardware and software for advanced UAS applications. The first in the series, theTASE400 BLK II features a mid-wave infrared camera with continuous optical zoom down to 1.7° FOV, a continuous-zoom HD daylight camera, industry-leading stability, High-Efficiency Video Coding (H.265) and advanced processing. The non-ITAR designation gives you confidence delivery dates will not slip (and put programs in jeopardy) due to international and FMS procurements delays

We know UAV Manufacturers require short lead times to stay competitive and win programs. Collins has by far the shortest lead times and scalability for expanded missions.


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