Target Drones

Increasingly realistic and complicated flight profiles are required by operators of target drones. Over 5000 Piccolo autopilots have been provided to manufacturers, making it a very mature, full feature autopilot for target drone solutions. Piccolo autopilot target drone configuration is time-tested and complies with all the target drone's mission requirements:

  • The complete integrated Piccolo avionics package is lightweight and easy to integrate.
  • Flight plans can be updated in-flight to support complex target behaviors.
  • Piccolo can be programmed with a Geo-Fence feature that ensures the target does not leave the target range.
  • Manual, wheeled, and catapult launches are supported.
  • Drones supported include small to large vehicles flying at very slow airspeeds to over 450kts.
  • Lower cost software options are available that do not limit autopilot performance.


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