Rotor & Fixed Wing

TASE Imaging Systems have over 500,000 operational hours and are a leading source of real-time intelligence to the warfighter and first responders. TASE systems collect full motion video, utilizing multiple sensors in support of intelligence operations. TASE stabilized camera payloads offer one of the lowest SWaP+C (Size, Weight and Power, low cost) systems.

VP Software

Our ViewPoint (VP) software interface provides command control and autonomous mission planning capability in addition to video and data viewing and analysis for the mission operator. Standard H.265 and H.264 data output can easily be retransmitted to remote operators at distant locations.

Cursor On Target

Supporting CoT (Cursor on Target) and demonstrated high accuracy TLE, the TASE400 provides you, the customer, with a complete tactical military ISR solution for low-medium tactical military and law enforcement missions.

TASE imaging systems are used in a variety of military ISR mission needs such as combat search and rescue (CSAR), medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), insertion/extraction during combat missions or combined with other airborne assets in support of targeting and combat roles.

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