Mapping Systems

Mapping Systems

A UAV controlled by a Piccolo and PCC (Piccolo Command Center user interface software), and equipped with a TASE imaging system, can be programmed to fly a defined flight plan to gather imagery of an area.

This imagery can then be mosaiced, warped to terrain, and geo-referenced by CCT's software tools. This final image can then be displayed on a 3D map providing situational awareness within a short timeframe.

Mosaiced mapping functionality provides Google Earth / GIS format maps for near-real-time analysis.


This video demonstrates real-time image overlays and Mosaicing capabilities. Image overlays is the process of putting together information from various cameras (EO, IR, etc.) into a single video stream where the information is presented in a user-intuitive way. In this case the SWIR source is used as a black and white background, with false colors depicting thermal data from the LWIR source on a blue(cold) to red(hot) scale. The video stream is then further enhanced by stitching consecutive frames unto an infinite canvas (limited only by memory size in the system) to provide the user with an unlimited field of view.