TASE lightweight high efficiency imaging systems are the perfect solution for aerostat surveillance systems. Low SWaP Payload (Size/Weight and Power) translate into increased useful load, increased safety and support for small light aerostats.

Forward Operating Base Protection

TASE imaging systems have the ability to image in three distinct spectral bands; visible, short wave infrared and long wave infrared. With these three bands they can establish full situational awareness against a wide range of threats. The operator can remain safely within a secure operating center.

The ViewPoint PC-based control panel allows full camera control locally, with video capture and capability to feed imagery and data into a security network.

Camera configurations can include one or up to three EO / LWIR / SWIR / MWIR camera combinations for superior observation in all conditions.

Surveillance Features
  • Integrated GPS/INS providing accurate target and aerostat location
  • Integrated video recorder
  • Touch-screen control interface
  • Integrated moving map
  • Low weight, target ID at 5,000ft, display on map
Imaging Applications
  • Border surveillance and security
  • Flood and disaster relief
  • Forward operating base protection
  • Crowd and street scene monitoring
  • Harbor monitoring

Aerostat Applications