Tethered aerostats with imaging sensors are a low-cost way to expand situational awareness or enhance long-range communication. In complex battlespace, aerostats play a vital role in increasing situational awareness, extending surveillance and mission networks. Low SWaP+C (Size, Weight, and Power) high-reliability sensors are the cornerstone of these systems. 

Battle-proven, the TASE series of stabilized camera payloads offer one of the lowest SWaP systems which allow us to offer DoD, FoM and Border Patrol missions a high-performance, lighter-weight system with minimal power requirements; which translates to increased useful load, endurance, and mission performance. 

TASE Imaging Systems have the ability to image in the visible and MWIR spectral bands. With these bands they can establish full situational awareness against a wide range of threats. The operator can monitor large operational environments; rough and rocky terrain, shorelines, or borders while remaining safely within a secure operating center.

The ViewPoint PC-based control panel allows full camera control locally, with video capture and the capability to feed imagery and data to a secure network.

The ViewPoint user interface also provides mapping capability to clearly pinpoint targets of interest and direct other forces, if necessary, to that location. 


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