Wildlife Monitoring

Wildlife monitoring by aerial survelliance has transformed wildlife counting, preservation, and monitoring efforts. It is now widely agreed that unmanned aerial monitoring for herd/flock counting over ground sources is more accurate and now a more cost-effective way to collect high-quality wildlife population data.

TASE stabilized imaging systems offer both daytime and nighttime imagers for surveillance, tracking, herd management, and counting. Rich features such as stabilization and target tracking allow ecologists and state officials to easily track and survey wildlife in its natural habitat. 

The TASE400 BLK II  features a mid-wave infrared camera with continuous optical zoom down to 1.7 FoV.  Our next generation sensor utilizes High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). H.265 has a significantly higher compression ratio and preserves more of the original image. Increased accuracy of wildlife monitoring provides better population fluctuation, allowing for more informed and proactive ecological decisions. 

Optional Software

  • PathTrack (auto line tracker for coastal monitoring or other terrain surveillance), 
  • Mosaicking (real-time, frame-to-frame video) 
  • Video on Map (live video geo-located and terrain-warped over a moving map). 

Natural Hazards

  • Animal/flock counting
  • Migration tracking
  • Marine mammal counting & vessel monitoring
  • Herd management
  • Habitat management
  • Anti-poaching activities
  • Nest surveys

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