Power/Pipeline Inspection

Power/Pipeline Inspection

Protect It with Real-Time Visibility
The safe, reliable and effective transportation of energy and fuel through the nation’s vast network of pipelines and transmission lines is a major concern for many diverse constituents including:  utility companies, local, state, and federal government agencies and the general public. Regular monitoring and inspection of this infrastructure is critical to maintaining the security, safety, and effectiveness of these critical national networks. High quality, highly detailed aerial imagery can assist in the early detection and identification of potential natural hazards such as rock slides, flooding, wind/storm damage or erosion, system maintenance hazards such as corrosion, leaks, or damaged infrastructure, as well as encroachments on the right-of-way (ROW)  that may put these infrastructures at risk. Early detection and mitigation reduces costly service downtime, repairs, and environmental damage, helps avert accidents, and will also reduce or eliminate long and costly environmental cleanups and litigation.

The high performance TASE400 EO/IR, advanced military ISR imaging system, is now available to the commercial utility sector. This advanced, cost efficient, SWaP (size, weight, power) optimized system enhances the ability of utility companies and emergency management services to make critical operational, maintenance, and safety/security decisions on their electrical transmission lines, oil and gas pipelines and right-of-way boundaries.

Whether you are utilizing a traditional manned helicopter, fixed wing aircraft or an unmanned aircraft (UAV), our TASE400 integrates seamlessly into these aircraft, giving operators the ability to collect the best high resolution imagery, rapidly and easily. Utilizing high-performance advanced daytime HD electro-optical cameras with fiber optic gyros to provide a high degree of stability, the TASE400 yields crisp, high quality aerial imagery day or night. The accompanying system software has been designed with significant automation features to greatly simplify the operators task of collecting information and allow them to focus on the information collection mission rather than camera operations For example, PathTrackTM is an advanced software feature that allows the user to pre-define a GPS-based path to follow during flight. The mission operator can thus easily designate a pipeline, utility line or other area of interest for collection and be confident of precise, reliable and repeatable airborne imagery inspections.

All TASE400 full motion video is digitally recorded and tagged with GPS metadata for easy post mission retrieval, analysis and processing via standard commercial third party software.  Please see the TASE400 features and specifications tabs or contact our business development and sales teams for further information.

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Unmanned Aircraft and Pipeline/Utility Inspection

UAV's undoubtedly present a large opportunity in power and pipeline inspection. Utilizing UAV’s in this market can increase crew safety and provide workers with tools to perform their work more efficientlTASE Imaging Systems collect data for immediate on-site decisions or the data can easily be sent to operations centers for further evaluations. Stored imagery can be used to analyze changes over time: corrosion, leakage, land erosion and Right-of-Way (ROW) encroachments.

This new emerging capability for power and pipeline operators has many challenges and many opportunities. The FAA is working to determine the best way to move forward. We are unique in offering the industry both the world class Flight Management Control Systems (Piccolo autopilot) and the high performance, cost-efficient TASE inspection cameras. Our products seamlessly integrate with each other and with customer aircraft, providing operators with an easy to operate, highly efficient turn-key solution for power and pipeline inspection.

TASE Imaging Systems

  • Providing a TASE400 Block ll for civil and commercial applications
  • Reducing operational workload with proven performance

Piccolo Elite Autopilot

  • Enables independent lift thrust VTOL
  • Flexes and scales with open architecture