Emergency Management

TASE Imaging Systems are designed to support emergency management missions. Aerial monitoring has proven to be an invaluable tool to assist ground-based crews to locate victims, assign resources, organize and manage emergency equipment, and gauge the effectiveness of emergency efforts.

The TASE400 BLK II system utilizes High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). H.265 has a significantly higher compression ratio, which preserves more of the original image than H.264 and can save around 50% of the bit rate. Our imagery utilizes less storage and is delivered to decision-makers faster, a key benefit in emergency management missions.

Thermal (with Longwave and Midwave) imagery is ideal for detecting the exact locations of fires and hotspots in buildings and terrain. 

Unmanned aircraft are utilized when it would take too long or expose manned aircraft to dangerous situations. Piccolo autopilots support a wide range of fixed-wing and rotary-wing unmanned vehicles that can be used in quick response and sustaining operations needed for emergency management.