Emergency Management

Emergency Management

TASE Imaging Systems are designed to support emergency management missions. Aerial monitoring has proven to be an invaluable tool to assist ground-based crews locate victims, assign resources, and organize and manage emergency equipment.

High-quality daylight imagery can be used for additional situational awareness and documentation of the emerrgency event. Aerial imagery can also be used to gauge the effectiveness of emergency efforsts.

Thermal (with Longwave and Midwave) imagery is ideal for detecting the exact locations of fires and hotspots in buildings and terrain. Short Wave Infrared with (SWIR) camera technology can see thru smoke and haze, giving the viewer the ability to see emergency personnel and equipment on the ground, structures or other objects that may be in danger and not visible due to smoke or haze.

Piccolo autopilots in unmanned aircraft are useful where it would take too long or expose manned aircraft to dangerous situations. They support a wide range of fixed wing and helicopter UAVs that can be used in quick response and sustaining operations needed for emergency management.