Disaster Reconnaissance

Disaster Reconnaissance

TASE Imaging Systems provide both manned and unmanned aircraft excellent ability to perform a range of data collection for disaster reconnaissance missions.

Real Time Image Mosaic

The increased information provided by mosaicing displayed in real-time on the gimbal interface provides a real advantage to the payload operator, showing path history and a wider situational awareness FOV when zooming in on an object.


Geo-Stamp allows the operator to designate areas of interest by simply pressing a key or touching the screen. The incident is tagged on a map, a still image is taken and the location is logged in a separate incident folder. This feature is invaluable when a still-image of an object/feature is needed for later reference, which is key in disaster reconnaissance missions. The captured still-image can be overlaid on Google Earth.

Video On Map

Live video geo-located and terrain warped over moving map. This feature greatly enhances the operators ability to identify the exact location of buildings or terrian features the camera image is looking at.