Airborne Law Enforcement

Battle-proven in the harshest conditions, we provide the best-value solution to law enforcement agencies and airborne surveillance operators. With over 500,000 operational hours we are a leading source of real-time intelligence to the warfighter and first responders.

Tactical flight officers have a definite advantage when using the TASE system over our competitors. The TASE400 BLK II system utilizes High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). H.265 has a significantly higher compression ratio, which preserves more of the original image than H.264 and can save around 50% of the bit rate. Our imagery utilizes less storage and increased transmission speed which means there is no delay in air-to-ground communication; vital to officer safety and public security. 

TASE imaging payloads are available in many configurations to suit specific mission needs, including combinations of high-definition (HD) daylight video, mid-, and long-wave IR video, illumination, and range-finding.

We ensure out-of-the-box success by surrounding our payload with all the other technologies and services that make our payloads successful in battle; from an intuitive touchscreen user interface to customizable simulation-based training.

Tactical PED

Our Tactical PED employs a full-featured user interface application with touchscreen camera-controls, integrated moving map and video recording (DVR). All TASE Imaging Systems are compatible with 3rd-party mapping applications, external DVRs, video/data downlink and searchlight interfaces. 


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