Airborne Law Enforcement

Airborne Law Enforcement

Battle-proven in the harshest conditions, we provide the best-value solution to law enforcement agencies and airborne surveillance operators based on the low-cost, low-weight, high-performance TASE imaging systems.


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Our airborne ISR solutions bring our customers all they need to get the job done effectively, at a price that makes sense in tight-budget times.

By utilizing technology into a small, lightweight imaging payload, we can provide the same or better video quality as other providers, with a much smaller impact on aircraft endurance, and a much smaller impact on the budget.

We ensure out-of-the-box success by surrounding our payload with all the other technologies and services that make our payloads successful in battle, from an intuitive touchscreen user interface to a customizable simulation-based training.

TASE imaging payloads are available in many configurations to suit specific needs, including combinations of high-definition (HD) daylight video, short-, mid- and long-wave IR video, illumination, range-finding, and more.

We offer a variety of camera mounts and integration solutions, accompanied by experienced integration personnel, to fit TASE payloads to aircraft quickly and successfully.

Tactical PED full-featured user interface application with touchscreen camera-controls, integrated moving map and video-recording (DVR).

All TASE Imaging systems are compatible with 3rd-party mapping applications, external DVR’s, video/data downlink and searchlight interfaces.

Cloud Cap Technology supports the law enforcement mission and we work every day to provide more affordable and more effective solutions to assist in accomplishing that mission.

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Helicopter Applications

Fixed Wing Applications

Customer Support

Cloud Cap Technology offers integrated solutions tailored to your mission. We work with our customers to provide rapid development in response to customer needs. We offer customized training based on your mission requirements and flexible integration and support services


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