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Piccolo Autopilots The Standard in UAS Systems

Piccolo Nano Autopilot for the Smallest UAVs

Piccolo Nano

Piccolo SL with flexibile I/O capability

Piccolo SL

Piccolo II functional and flexible Autopilot for Advanced UAS

Piccolo II

Piccolo Nano

Piccolo SL

Piccolo II

Piccolo highly integrated autopilots are on more aircraft than any other autopilots world-wide! They provide a complete, off the shelf solution including the core autopilot, flight sensors, navigation, wireless communication, and payload interfaces, all in a small highly integrated and inexpensive package.

Piccolo Nano

Designed to meet the requirements of the smallest UAVs where the vehicle structure provides the enclosure and the autopilot components need to be distributed within the airframe’s available space.

Piccolo SL

With its thin form factor and flexible I/O capability (14 configurable GPIO lines) is ideal for small fixed wing and VTOL platforms.

Piccolo II

Adds functionality and flexibility for advanced UAS including additional I/O for support (16 configurable GPIO lines) for payload intensive applications.

Key Features

Onboard inertial, air data, and GPS sensors

Datalink radio

Supports beyond line-of-sight operations using Iridium

Supports operation of a wide variety of UAV’s in both fixed wing or VTOL configurations

Common firmware and software accross Piccolo family

Enclosed autopilots are EMI shielded

Software Options

Standard Feature set plus Peripherals

Adds new support for pan-tilt servos, improved GPS/INS performance, and more flexibility in configuring payload ports.

Laser Altimeter Autoland

Provides accurate altitude information allowing the vehicle to perform a soft flared landing. (Laser altimeter hardware sold separately.)

DGPS Autoland

Extends the autoland performance by using 2 cm accuracy DGPS. Supports autonomous taxi, rolling take-off, stationary and moving net recovery. Uses NovAtel DGPS equipment.

DGPS and Moving Net Recovery

Adds support of moving net recovery needed for shipboard and other moving capture applications. Uses NovAtel DGPS equipment and associated antennas.

Helicopter Operations (VTOL)

Includes take-off and landing, precision hover, and automated path following along with autopilot assisted manual steering modes. Learn More

Multi Rotor Control

Leverages our two smallest form factor autopilots. Offering increased autonomy, reliability and rigorous physics-based control definition.

Multiple versions of the Piccolo Nano are available that provide different levels of functionality

Helicopter Solutions

Guided Systems Technologies

Piccolo Autopliots are capable of full envelope automated helicopter flight operations, including take-off and landing (VTOL), precision hover, automated path following and autopilot assisted manual steering modes.

Piccolo based solutions for helicopter and other rotary wing unmanned vehicles are available in partnership with Guided Systems Technologies (GST). GST offers advanced flight control technology that has been proven on a wide variety of unmanned rotary wing vehicles, including single main rotor and coaxial helicopters, tilt rotors, ducted fans, tail sitters and hybrid vehicles.

For more information contact Scott Vinson at Guided Systems Technologies +1.770.898.9100 x878

Guided Systems Technologies



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Radio Options

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Piccolo Developer's Kit

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Piccolo Ground Station

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