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TASE Imaging Payload Vibration Collar
TASE Payload Vibration Collar
TASE Vibration Isolation Collar
TASE Vibration Isolation Collar

The TASE Vibration Isolation Collar is designed for all models of TASE camera gimbal installations on manned-aircraft platforms. This isolation collar actively works to absorb engine and airframe vibration from the aircraft before these vibrations reach the gimbal. This results in significant improvement to image quality and camera life. The isolation collar is lightweight, rugged and comes standard with the Meeker Aviation DT-1 dovetail set.

Key Features

  • 10.0 inch (254 mm) diameter x 5.25 inches (133 mm)
  • Weight 8.9 lb (4 Kg) without TASE gimbal
  • Rugged design - with Amphenol circular MIL connector
  • Lightweight - Easily attached to a variety of aircraft camera hard-mounts, both airplane and rotorcraft
TASE 3AX Payload Deployment Mechanism
TASE 3AX Deployment
TASE 3AX Gimbal Deployment Mechanism
TASE 3AX Deployment Mechanism

The TASE 3AX Camera Gimbal Deployment Mechanism provides a solution for the TASE150 gimbal to retract into the aircraft during launch, belly-landing and normal operations. It is a compact, robust, light-weight, and low-cost deployment system. When retracted, roll and nod operations prevent gimbal lock while looking directly below the aircraft. The 3AX also provides emergency retract logic if loss of main power occurs.

Key Features

  • 135mm (5.3 inches) width x 154mm (6.1 inches) height x 218mm (8.6 inches) length. The actuator arm swings 13mm (0.6 inches) higher in actuation. Allow a clearance height of 167mm for deployment.
  • Weight 280g (without TASE150 gimbal)
  • Power Consumption is less than 3W during actuation, 1W max when deployed or retracted
  • T8-20 volts DC
  • Retraction control through the TASE150 gimbal
  • Emergency retract logic on loss of main power
  • Innovative four bar linkage mechanism with positive locking in both deployed and retracted positions.


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